this time of year

Like most people this time of year, I always try to make at least one new year’s resolution. In the past few years, I’ve successfully met exercise and weight loss goals, and I once kept a journal for an entire year. My problem is that once I meet my goals I tend to lose interest in holding on to them after the 12 months are over. 

This post is a start at fulfilling at least one of my new year’s resolution: working on my social media presence. 

Let’s see how that works out. 



Lots of New Prints

These are prints that have taken up quite a bit of time lately. I feel like they are coming out really well.


Bedside lamp, 6 3/4″. Linoleum print on mulberry paper, edition 28.

This was printed for a Black and White Print Exchange.

Bird of Paradise, 5 x 6 4/5″. Linoleum print on Stonehenge paper, hand-colored, undetermined edition.

I’m not finished printing the entire series of this print. I have been coloring them as I go, but have not printed all that I intend to.

Bella, 12×12″. Linoleum block, unprinted.

I have been carving this block for a little over a week. This is an outdated photo, as I am much farther into it now.

I also plan to start an etsy store in the near future, so I will try and keep this blog updated.